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4 Investment Strategies to Generate Alpha

Job Market Data Performance Report

Looking for new investment strategies to generate more annual alpha?

In this white paper we outline 4 different investment strategies with detailed examples that can potentially add 2% to 5% of alpha annually.

These strategies are:

Strategy A: Active Z-Score
Strategy B: Percentage Active
Strategy C: Smoothed Z-Score
Strategy D: Created Percentage
LinkUp's Job Market Data Performance Report
Exabel Dashboard to Backtesting Gif

LinkUp X Exabel

Deep, data-driven insights for investors — with no coding required.

LinkUp provides labor demand data to many of the world’s most sophisticated investors. To make data more accessible, we've partnered with Exabel. They've dramatically reduced the time necessary to incorporate new data types into an investment strategy and provides a platform that can be adapted to the needs of a wide variety of investors.